The following diagram is an attempt to pull together three main things – some formal ideologies, the sorts of methods of youth work intervention/working/helping approaches that might be consistent with each, and the assumptions/values/beliefs behind each approach. Please note that this table seeks to indicate trends in ideological thought, rather than prescribing who should believe what! (Apart from anything else, many schools of thought within each formal ideology vary enormously … some would even hold opposite views on the assumptions behind these approaches.)

Intervention Model

The Youth Work Sector includes people holding elements of each of the formal ideologies listed here (… and many others besides!) Programs using all four models of intervention have been considered part of the sector. Many individual youth workers hold elements of left win ideologies (ideologies in the bottom half) and right wing ideologies (top half) … perhaps you’re one of them? Many youth agencies offer a range of services which include Treatment/Reform and Advocacy/Empowerment